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In the Nest Parenting Classes
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The Partnership is now offering Parenting Classes free of charge. “In the Nest” is designed to build strong families based on their existing strengths using the Developmental Assets Model. Parenting education is the key to raising successful children, creating competent, confident parents, and building strong families and communities. With love, limits and lots of involvement, parents can have a major influence in developing happy, healthy and well-behaved children.

Asset building doesn’t offer a neat set of techniques and tricks for more effective parenting. Rather, it offers some basic goals against which to make decisions and shape family life. There will still be ups and downs. There will still be challenges. But asset building can help parents be intentional about their choices, knowing that what they do can have a tremendously positive impact in shaping their children’s lives.

These classes are designed for ANY parent or caregiver… younger, older, first-time, those who are required to take parenting classes or those who just want more ideas on how to have a positive impact on their children. Come connect with other parents!

There are six sessions, normally held on Thursdays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.  Call Kelly Sexton-Alfaro at 573-438-8555 for more info.